Lowering your car wash expenses with an app.

When I started my car wash 30 years ago, I built my sales 25 cents at a time. And, I controlled my expenses that way also. Every single nickel I could save in power, water, chemicals and equipment meant more profit and success. Every expense pushed into self-service or out of the operation means more profit – and more opportunity for growth.

That’s why a cell phone app makes so much sense operationally.

When a customer comes to a car wash with a cell phone app they are taking on almost all of your transaction expenses – and then some:

  • They provide their own payment system – there is no handling cash or cards
  • They don’t need to use a keypad or swipe – they bring their own ‘card reader’
  • You don’t need to print or provide receipts
  • They bring a virtual loyalty card – you don’t have to provide or recharge one
  • If they are a business customer they provide an automatic billing system…
  • …and complete access to their reports…
  • …and you get access to nifty reports about all their transactions
  • They are carrying around an HD monitor, so you can send video and promotion content
  • You don’t burn any payroll doing all of the above…
  • …or accounting hours…
  • …and they take care of PCI compliance.
  • Finally, they are carrying YOUR PERSONAL PROMOTION DELIVERY DEVICE at all times.

If you believe every small part of transacting and communicating with a car wash customer costs something (and it does!!), then a cell phone app is one sure way to move transaction costs out of your operation and into your customers cell phone. More convenience for customers and more sales and profits for you.

I like the idea of shifting expense out into a cell phone instead of carrying them in a car wash operation. Think about it.

Dan Yarusso